Having lived all of my adult life in New Mexico with its clear air, amazing skies, and inspiring vistas, I love to express the beauty around me through the use of oils in vibrant colors. Taking artistic license with what nature provides, I see myself as an expressionist and a colorist.
Dianne Doan Photograph

Rather than painting exact replicas of the landscape, I may combine different elements I’ve observed in nature, creating my own versions of earth’s beauty. I particularly enjoy interpreting jagged rock formations and billowing clouds, juxtaposing the two, or accentuating one or the other, using palette knife or brushes.

Believing that God created our world, I paint to honor the “beauty of the earth and the glory of the skies.” I find joy in color and in nature, and love blending the two into creations in oils.

"The Lineup" - Landscape Oil Painting by Dianne Doan
The Lineup
"Quintet of Poppies" - Landscape Oil Painting by Dianne Doan
Quintet of Poppies
"Walk in the Woods" - Landscape Oil Painting by Dianne Doan
Walk in the Woods